We dress up

We craft branding and landing pages that look awesome, build trust and communicate values to customers and investors


Branding and landing page crafted for your needs

We are to help your startup stand out of the crowd. Logo or landing page are your business cards in a contact with clients or investors. Make the first impression look always good.

How do we know how to do it? We have over 15 years of experience in developing the image of companies, including our own startups. We know that a professional look and clear communication are always appreciated by the surroundings.

We know that there are no ready-made solutions, because each startup is different and unique. That is why we treat each project individually, adjusting the best solutions to its needs and specifics.


How we make your idea look better and build trust?

Our work is not about tools. First, it’s about meeting your startup and getting the idea. Then we may go ahead and show it by visuals or landing page.

Creative brief

At the beginning of the common path, we get to know your startup and together with you develop a brand strategy that will allow you to build a clear and concise message for your clients or investors. This stage is necessary to create an effective landing page, presentation or pitch.

Brand design

You get not only the fresh logo, but the concept of showing your brand in visuals (simplified book of the mark). You have all brand elements in one place and in formats ready for universal use in other projects.

Landing page

A modern, responsive and fast website that accomplishes its goals. We do not sell templates. Each project is handcrafted, because each startup is different and deserves a unique design to stand out from the crowd. For us, both design and content matter.


“The creating the brand of the startup is not only the creating the nice logo and landing page. The key is to give the clear message to the customers and investors about the startup. The team of Startooy helped us with defining and realising that message. Thanks a lot.”

— Bogdan Księżopolski, CEO at CyberSkiller


How we dress up your startup step by step?


We listen carefully and learn your idea. It is important that we meet you, your intentions and the needs of your clients and partners.


We combine what we know about your startup into one coherent message that will constitute a plan for your communication with the environment and ensure the achievement of the set goals.


Now it's time for workshop work. We get to the creative work, sewing, cutting, cutting, ... In short, we create a unique logotype and website for your startup.


Your logo and landing page deserve not only a great look, but they must be easy to use and functional. Leave us all the technical issues, enjoy the working solution yourself. And if your startup flourishes and you meet new challenges, we invite you again.

Your project

Ready for changing your startup?

Every project is different and unique. That’s why we give you a custom price.

  • Creative brief
  • Logo design
  • Landing page


Let us make your customers and investors remember you

Call or email us preferrably, so we can know more about your idea and your needs.

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